BolPaVoX is the name and lifeline, which was created by the soul of Mike Modulacja. The body comes from Krakau, PL. ,born on September 5th in 1990.
The bass symbolizes the confusion, the strain and the hardness.Clearing away stone by stone, piling them to huge mountains.Writing these melodies takes the soul into a thousand other meditative worlds.
A deep insight into a dimensional and emotional world, in which you can get away from it all. Here you can also witness an adventure of sensual and dark music, with Deamons of Bass and Melodies from Angels.
Welcome to a behavior modification, in which the magical creature travels between and fuses the dimensions.
Welcome to the World of BolPaVoX!
“Always against the Storm!” Mike Modulacja
You can join this universe of sounds and go into the depth of yourself, feeling your inner sense and your inner mind. Coming with answers and showing views you have never seen before. BolPaVoX is on diverse Compilations, some mixes from Dj`s and supporters all over the world.   The Compilations called: Dark Vision Vol. 3 – Released – August 8, 2018 with “Sightseer” (Compilation by the Russian Dark Community) Digital Virus (Exclusive) – Released – September 14, 2018 with “The Way” (Compilation by the Russian Dark Community) Mind Distortions Vol. IV – Released – October 25, 2018 with “Evil Alliance“(Compilation by the Russian Dark Community) Killer Tracks (13) – Released – February 24, 2019 with “Nevermind” (Compilation by the Russian Dark Community) Blood Pack Vol. 6.66 – Released – January 1, 2019 with “Deep Dance” (Compilation by the Intravenous Magazin) Anti-Christmas II – Part I – Ambient – Released – December 21, 2018 with “Dark Universe” (Compilation by Paracelsian Productions) Dark Electronics for your dark hearts – Released February 16, 2019 with “Nadle” Compilation by Brutal Resonance) Included in Remixes from: STAHLSCHLAG – Album – Annihilation (The Remixes) Released – January 31, 2019 – with the remix of “LAB Escape”   MissSuicide – Album – Omnivor Released – May 28, 2019 – with the remix of “Soil

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