Partner Links

Selkie Anderson – Mystical World with Harp, HanPan from Bielefeld

Tribe Spirit – Music from the otherworld from Bielefeld

STAHLSCHLAG – Rhythmic Noise project from Hamburg

MissSuicide – Dark Electro / Synth project from Cologne

Blue Ant – Harsh / Dark Electro project from Italy

ElektroTerapi – Dark Electro / Synth Pop / Dark Pop / Electro Industrial project from Moscow

Dirty K – Power Noise / Extreme Noise project from UK

Dj Scott Durand – Dark Indulgence Mixshow from Louisiana (EBM, SynthPop, Industrial)

Communion After Dark – Internet Radio with Live Shows from the scene

Dj Veine – Tampa DJ melting faces with the latests in industrial and metal music alike.

Flatline Radio – Hommage an die dunkle Musik (Gothic / Industrial / EBM / NeoFolk / PostPunk)

GhostWaveRadio – (Dark / Electro / EBM / Industrial)

MusicEternalFamily – Community with a bunch of Artists and Labels from the scene